The Benefits of Owning a Cold Pressed Juicer at Home

One of the important appliances used in the kitchen is a juicer. Nowadays, people are getting more aware of the health concerns and are trying their best to adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating food and beverages that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

When we talk about beverages, homemade juices are the best and for this a juicer machine is a must. It is for this reason that the cold compressed juicer has been gaining a lot of popularity and its demand is increasing.

Here are some of the major benefits of owning a cold pressed juicer at home:

  1. Good Taste- The first thing that comes to your mind while having juice is the taste. The taste of the juices made from cold compressed juicers is the best. You can prepare the juice in large quantity and store it for future use. The taste of the juice remains fresh up to even two weeks later.
  2. Kills Bacteria- The cold pressing ability of the juicer can destroy most of the bacteria that are present at the structural level. It is for this reason that the juice prepared from the cold pressed juicer can be stored for a larger duration of time. In other juicers, the technology of chemical pasteurization and heat tend to destroy the taste of the juice. If a cold pressed juicer is used, then you can be sure that the juice is going to be fresh, rich in quality and taste.
  3. Optimal Method of Extraction- The method of extraction that is used by cold compressed juicers make sure that the juice can retain the maximum possible enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. This way, the juice that you consume will have more of the nutrition content and you will be able to include more vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  4. More Quantity- If you compare the amount of juice obtained from a cold pressed juicer to the amount obtained from other juicers, you will see that the quantity is more than that got from the conventional juicers. If a centrifugal juicer is used, then it will not be able to squeeze as much juice as a cold pressed juicer per ounce. Therefore, you must use the new masticating models that help you extract more quantity of juice. In addition to quantity, the cold pressed juices will give you control over the quality of the fruits and vegetables and provide you with more value for money.
  5. Good Consistency- The juices that are prepared from cold pressed juicers have a comparatively better consistency. They can retain more of the fibre and pulp that is present in the ingredients and make the juice slightly thicker. If you are someone who enjoys juice that is less thick, then you can always add a little water to the juice according to your taste before consumption.
  6. Different Filters- The cold pressed juicer is very easy to use and can be customized according to your usage. It comes with different filters that can be changed according to the type of usage. For example, there is fine meshed filter screen for hard vegetables and fruits such as carrot, apples and cucumber and wide mesh filter screen for soft vegetables and fruits like tomato, orange and watermelon.

It is for the above mentioned reasons that a cold pressed juicer is preferred over any other type of juicer. So, if you are confused about the kind of juicer you should buy, cold pressed juicer is surely a great choice.